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Section I Use of English
  Read the following text. Choose the best word(s) for each numbered blank and mark A, B, C or D on the ANSWER SHEET. (10 points)
  In Cambodia the choice of a spouse is a complex one for the young male. It may involve not only his parents and his friends, 1 those of the young women, but also a matchmaker. A young man can 2 a likely spouse on his own and them ask his parents to 3 the marriage negotiations. or the young man's parents may make the choice of a spouse, giving the child little to say in the selection. 4 , a girl may veto the spouse her parents have chosen. 5 a spouse has been selected, each family investigates the other to make sure its child is marrying 6 a good family.
  The traditional wedding is a long and colorful affair. Formerly it lasted three days 7 by the 1980s it more commonly lasted a day and a half. Buddhist priests offer a short sermon and 8 prayers of blessing. Parts of the ceremony involve ritual hair cutting, 9 cotton threads soaked in holy water around the bride's and groom's wrists ,and 10 a candle around a circle of happily married and respected couples to bless the 11 .Newlyweds traditionally move in with the wife's parents and may 12 with them up to a year, 13 they can build a flew house nearby
  Divorce is legal and easy to 14 ,but not common .Divorced persons are 15 with some disapproval. Each spouse retains 16 property he or she 17 into the marriage, and jointly -acquired property is 18 equally. Divorced persons may remarry, but a gender prejudice 19 up .The divorced male doesn't have a waiting period before he can remarry 20 the woman must wait the months.
  1. [A] by way of [B] as well as [C] on behalf of [D] with regard to
  【解析】根據空格所在句子的內容可以判斷,"擇偶涉及男方的親朋好友,_____女方的親朋好友"顯然前后是并列關系,選項中只有B選項as well as 表示并列關系。
  2. [A] adapt to [B] provide for [C]compete with [D] decide on
  【解析】根據選項得知空格處需要填謂語動詞,空格后面的賓語是"…配偶",所以根據動賓搭配的原則,D選項 decide on可以與后面的賓語,構成通順語義:選擇配偶。所以D項正確
  3. [A] close [B] renew [C]arrange [D] postpone
  【解析】此題考查的仍是動賓搭配,空格處后面的內容the marriage negotiation,只能與選項C arrange構成通順語義,"安排…磋商",故選C。
  4. [A] In theory [B] Above all [C] In time [D] For example
  【答案】A In theory
  【解析】根據空格后面的內容,得知女孩可能會否定她的父母為其所選的配偶;句中的may 表示的是一種可能性。所以,與原文句子內容表達一致的,只有A選項 in theory。
  5. [A] Although [B] Lest [C] After [D] Unless
  6. [A] into [B] within [C] from [D] through
  【答案】A into
  【解析】原文:each family investigates the other to make sure its child is marrying _______ a good family. 每個家庭調查另一個家庭,確保孩子娶或嫁到一個好家庭。此處需要填入一個介詞,嫁入另一個家庭,介詞選擇into最合適。故選A。
  7. [A] sine [B] or [C] but [D] so
  8. [A] test [B]copy [C]recite [D] create
  【解析】原文:Buddhist priests offer a short sermon and______ prayers of blessing.佛教神職人員提供一個簡短的布道和__________祈禱祝福。四個選項中只有recite prayers為其固定搭配,意為"誦經"。故選C。
  9. [A] folding [B] piling [C] wrapping [D] tying
  【解析】原文:________ cotton threads soaked in holy water around the bride's and groom's wrists, 把浸泡在圣水中的棉線______在新娘和新郎的手腕。A folding 折疊; B piling 堆積;C wrapping 包裹;以上三項均不符合文意,故選D項tying,綁,系。
  10. [A] lighting [B] passing [C] hiding [D] serving
  【解析】原文: around a circle of happily married and respected couples to bless the union.在一圈婚姻幸福美滿和德高望重的情侶中_________一根蠟燭來祝福他們。根據語境,A lighting,點亮,C hiding隱藏,D serving 服務;均不合適,只能選B passing 傳遞。故選B。
  11. [A] meeting [B] association [C] collection [D]union
  12. [A] grow [B] part [C] deal [D]live
  【答案】 D
  13. [A] whereas [B] until [C] for [D] if
  【答案】 B
  14. [A] obtain [B] follow [C] challenge [D]avoid
  【答案】 A
  【解析】該句意思是:離婚是合法的并容易______,但并不普遍。填入詞應與legal感情色彩一致,故排除avoid(避免)及challenge(挑戰,質疑),而follow(跟隨)一詞通常不與divorce搭配。選項obtain代入語境中,obtain a divorce可以表示獲得離婚,搭配合理,語義通順,為正確答案。
  15. [A] isolated [B] persuaded [C] viewed [D] exposed
  16. [A]wherever [B] however [C] whenever [D]whatever
  【解析】此處空前有動詞retain, 因此需要填入一個連詞引導賓語從句, 并且與property搭配,共同充當從句中的賓語。因此排除A選項wherever"無論何地"和C選項whenever"無論何時"。B 選項"however",作"但是"解,與句意不服, 作"無論多么"理解, 后面常跟形容詞,而非名詞。 而whatever 與property搭配,可以充當賓語從句的賓語,表示"一切財產",因此選項D為正確答案。
  17. [A] changed [B] brought [C] shaped [D] pushed
  【解析】此處需要填入一個動詞,能和property 形成動賓搭配。A選項changed意為"改變", B選項brought意為"帶來",C選項shaped意為"形成",D選項pushed意為"推搡"。因此符合文意,能夠和財產搭配的只能是選項B。
  18. [A] divided [B] invested [C] donated [D] withdrawn
  【解析】空格處是一個被動語態, 此處需要填入一個與jointly-acquired property(共同獲得的財產)形成動賓搭配的動詞。同時此處的情境是討論離婚時的行為, 因此A選項為正確選項。
  19. [A]clears [B] warms [C] shows [D] breaks
  【解析】此處考察固定詞組。C選項show up意為"顯現,出現"。后文提到離婚后,男士可以立即重婚, 而女士必須要等十個月,可知符合文意,并且能夠和"性別歧視"搭配的只能是選項C。
  20. [A]while [B] so what [C]once [D] in that
  【解析】此處考察上下文的邏輯關系。上文指出,離婚男士在他再婚前沒有一個等候期,空格后提到"女性必須要等待10個月",顯然,這二者之間不是因果關系,因此排除B選項 so that"所以"和D選項in that"因為",也不是C選項once"一旦"所表達的條件關系,因此正確答案為A選項。
  Section II Reading Comprehension
  Part A
  Read the following four texts. Answer the questions below each text by choosing A, B, C or D. Mark your answers on the ANSWER SHEET. (40 points)
  Text 1
  France, which prides itself as the global innovator of fashion, has decided its fashion industry has lost an absolute right to define physical beauty for woman. Its lawmakers gave preliminary approval last week to a law that would make it a crime to employ ultra-thin models on runways.
  The parliament also agreed to ban websites that" incite excessive thinness" by promoting extreme dieting.
  Such measures have a couple of uplifting motives. They suggest beauty should not be defined by looks that end up with impinging on health. That's a start. And the ban on ultra-thin models seems to go beyond protecting models from starring themselves to health -as some have done. It tells the fashion industry that it move take responsibility for the signal it sends women, especially teenage girls, about the social tape -measure they must use to determine their individual worth.
  The bans, if fully enforced ,would suggest to woman (and many men )that they should not let others be orbiters of their beauty .And perhaps faintly, they hint that people should look to intangible qualities like character and intellect rather than dieting their way to sine zero or wasp-waist physiques
  The French measures, however, rely too much on severe punishment to change a culture that still regards beauty as skin-deep-and bone-showing. Under the law, using a fashion model that does not meet a government-defined index of body mess could result in a $85,000 fine and six months in prison.
  The fashion industry knows it has an inherent problem in focusing on material adornment and idealized body types. In Denmark, the United States, and a few other countries, it is trying to set voluntary standard for models and fashion images there rely more on pear pressure for enforcement
  In contrast to France's actions, Denmark's fashion industry agreed last month on rules and sanctions regarding age, health, and other characteristics of models .The newly revised Danish Fashion Ethical charter clearly states, we are aware of and take responsibility for the impact the fashion industry has on body ideals, especially on young people. The charter's main toll of enforcement is to deny access for designers and modeling agencies to Copenhagen. Fashion week, which is men by the Danish Fashion Institute .But in general it relies on a name-and -shame method of compliance.
  Relying on ethical persuasion rather than law to address the misuse of body ideals may be the best step. Even better would be to help elevate notions of beauty beyond the material standards of a particular industry.
  21. According to the first paragraph, what would happen in France?
  [A] Physical beauty would be redefined
  [B] New runways would be constructed
  [C] Websites about dieting would thrive
  [D] The fashion industry would decline
  【解析】推斷題。根據題干first paragraph定位第一段,其中第一句France ,which prides itself as the global innovator of fashion, has decided its fashion industry has lost an absolute right to define physical beauty for woman.以作為全球時尚創新者為榮的法國承認已經失去定義女性形體美的絕對權利,說明法國以前制定的形體美的標準已不再適用,現在需要做出改變,故A選項為正確答案。

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